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May 2024

Date posted: 20/05/2024

New off-the-job apprenticeship flexibility set for 2024/25

The government is set to relax off-the-job training requirements in apprenticeships, new rules published today have revealed.

From July 31, 2024, "active learning" can take place every three months, up from the current every calendar month rule, for apprenticeships that have front-loaded or block-release delivery models.

The Department for Education revealed it was reviewing the “minimum requirement” for active learning, which refers to off-the-job and English and maths training, in draft rules for 2024/25 published in March.

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April 2024

Date posted: 23/04/2024

Skills for Care - Endorsed Provider

t2 group are proud to announce we are now endorsed by Skills for Care

We are proud to announce that t2 group has received the prestigious Skills for Care endorsement. This endorsement recognises our ongoing commitment to providing outstanding training for the health and social care sector.

Skills for Care endorsement is a trusted mark of quality assurance which allows you to have confidence in a learning provider's training services. Only the best learning and development providers in the health and social care sector pass this tough endorsement process, which covers the key factors involved in care skills training.

Skills for Care was established in 2001, as the strategic body which oversees development and planning for adult social care in England. Additionally, they worked with Health Education England and Skills for Health to develop the Care Certificate, which assesses the fundamental skills and knowledge required in all social care providers in England.

Skills for Care states "To become endorsed you must be able to clearly evidence that the training delivered makes a significant difference, not only to the learner but also to the person accessing care and support."

The Skills for Care endorsement signifies that t2 group's health and social care apprenticeships align with the highest industry standards and are designed to enhance the skills and competencies of healthcare professionals working in adult social care. It reinforces the company's position as a trusted and reliable partner for organisations seeking comprehensive and effective training.

t2 group will now feature in the Skills for Care online endorsed learning provider directory, widely used by employers looking to commission high-quality training.


March 2024

Date posted: 19/03/2024

Apprentices learning in a classroom setting

Rishi Sunak pledges to create 20,000 more apprenticeships

Up to 20,000 additional apprenticeships are expected to be created by Rishi Sunak as part of a number of changes that include fully supporting youth training and reducing red tape for small enterprises.

Beginning on April 1, the government will cover the entire cost of apprenticeships for those under the age of 21 at small businesses.

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February 2024

Date posted: 05/02/2024

National Apprenticeship Week 2024: Sector Response

Apprenticeships are a cornerstone of the government’s plans to provide people with an excellent route into some of the best careers and contributing to a high-skill, high-productivity economy.

Since 2010, over 5.7 million people have started their apprenticeship journey and the government is increasing investment in apprenticeships to £2.7 billion by 2024-25, ensuring businesses have a pipeline of talent to grow the economy.

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January 2024

Date posted: 12/01/2024

Government unveils plans to boost domestic social care workforce

The government's most recent initiatives to strengthen the domestic pipeline into adult social care in England include investments in nursing apprenticeships and the creation of a new care qualification.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has launched a set of initiatives supported by £75 million in funding, claiming that these would encourage careers in social care and attract new talent to the field.

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December 2023

Date posted: 14/12/2023

Great business managers

20 Skills That Distinguish Great Managers From Good Ones

An excellent manager sets themself apart from others not only by the message they deliver but also by modelling and upholding certain beliefs and behaviours. A good manager can produce results, but a great manager also uses certain leadership abilities to make an impact on teams and organisations, magnify success, and spur development.

t2 group's leadership and management programmes can help new managers develop, lead, and motivate a high-performing team. For more information visit our Leadership and Management apprenticeships page.

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November 2023

Date posted: 23/11/2023

10% pay rise for thousands of care workers as government announces national living wage rise

The national living wage (NLW) in England will jump from £10.42 to £11.44 per hour in April of next year, providing tens of thousands of care workers with a 10% pay raise.

Employees who are 21 and 22 years old will also be subject to the NLW, which will increase their pay floor from the national minimum wage (NMW), which is now £10.18 per hour.

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October 2023

Date posted: 24/10/2023

‘Accidental managers’ without proper leadership training contributing to almost one in three workers walking out, research finds

‘Accidental managers’ with no formal leadership training are contributing to almost one in three workers quitting, a new study has revealed.

In the study a quarter (26 per cent) of senior managers and leaders and half (52 per cent) of managers also claimed they have had no formal management or leadership training.

t2 group's leadership and management programmes can help new managers develop, lead, and motivate a high-performing team. For more information visit our Leadership and Management apprenticeships page.

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September 2023

Date posted: 21/09/2023

Health and Social Care sector growth

Health and social care named UK's fastest growing business sector

The UK's fastest-growing industry is the health and social care sector, which is also one of only two that have not seen a fall in the number of new firms.

The most prosperous industries in 2023 so far have been identified by Forbes Advisor after analysing the most recent UK business demography information.

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August 2023

Date posted: 24/08/2023

Survey launched to capture experiences of adult social care workforce

A national government survey, which aims to record the views of those working in the field and assist improvements over time, has been directed at nurses who work in adult social care.

On behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care, Skills for Care has launched a poll in collaboration with the University of Kent, market research firm Ipsos, and Skills for Care.

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July 2023

Date posted: 28/07/2023

Adult social care workforce growing again, but challenges remain

In 2022–2023, England's adult social care workforce began to expand once more, per fresh information from Skills for Care.

The annual Size and Structure of the Adult Social Care Sector and Workforce in England report found that the number of filled posts - roles with a person working in them - increased by around 1% (20,000) between April 2022 and March 2023. The previous year, the number of filled posts fell for the first time on record, by around 4% (60,000).

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June 2023

Date posted: 30/06/2023

NHS nurse in hospital corridor

Nearly 1 in 6 clinical training places to be offered as apprenticeships by 2028

A long-awaited report on expanding the NHS workforce predicts that the number of clinicians the government expects to teach through apprenticeships will more than double over the next five years.

The government's aims for the medical profession in England are outlined in the NHS workforce plan, which was just published. Over the next five years, the government will invest £2.4 billion to upskill the national health service.

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May 2023

Date posted: 30/05/2023

How to improve as a Leader by optimising your management style

A clear and cohesive strategy, giving team members responsibility, honouring their accomplishments, including the team in decision-making, and asking questions are all essential components of effective management. A manager can build a culture of trust, innovation, and productivity by putting these concepts into practise, which will ultimately result in greater corporate success.

t2 group's leadership and management programmes can help new managers develop, lead, and motivate a high-performing team. For more information visit our Leadership and Management apprenticeships page.

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April 2023

Date posted: 11/04/2023

Reserving Apprenticeship funding for employers who do not pay the levy

From 3 April 2023, small employers who do not pay the Apprenticeship Levy will no longer be limited to a maximum of 10 new Apprenticeship starts – they will be able to recruit as many high-quality apprentices as their business needs.

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March 2023

Date posted: 28/03/2023

Management training

Increasing employer demand for management training

Employers want and need management skills. Additionally, we are aware of the crucial role management ability will play in improving public services and productivity in the future.

Our capacity to create organisations and enterprises ready to take on tremendous collective challenges is being harmed by the current resistance to acknowledge contemporary, skilled management as essential to future economic and societal success.

t2 group's leadership and management programmes can help new managers develop, lead, and motivate a high-performing team.

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February 2023

Date posted: 07/02/2023

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) 2023 is the 16th annual celebration of apprenticeships

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2023 is 'Skills for Life'. The week will reflect on how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career and help businesses to develop a talented workforce that is equipped with skills for the future.

To find out more about apprenticeships in the health and social care sector – click here.


January 2023

Date posted: 11/01/2023

New Hiring Toolkit Supports Care Providers with Safer Recruitment

A first-of-its-kind Better Hiring Toolkit has been launched, providing an essential guide for care sector employers to make informed, safer recruitment decisions.

The best practice toolkit provides simplified guidance to support employers with both obtaining and providing effective references and conduct information.

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December 2022

Date posted: 12/12/2022

Department of Health YouTube channel

Department of Health and Social Care Launches YouTube Channel

The Department of Health and Social Care exists to improve the health and wellbeing of people in England.

To view YouTube click here


November 2022

Date posted: 28/11/2022

Ten Do's And Don'ts Of Moving From Manager To Leader

Because of your job title, true leadership does not just magically develop within you.

It can take years to figure out how to be authentic and to develop your own distinctive leadership style. Once you change your perspective and begin adopting a big-picture, long-term perspective on the organisation you will be able to step out of your comfort zone and into the role of company leader.

t2 group’s leadership and management programmes can help you develop your own distinctive leadership style.

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October 2022

Date posted: 27/10/2022

What Great Remote Managers Do Differently

Nobody foresaw the significant transition to home-based remote work that took place in 2020 with the start of the pandemic.

In a recent study, managers and employees were asked about their experiences leading and being managed remotely to determine what worked and what didn't. The most noteworthy finding was a small but significant change in how employees thought their bosses should interact with them.

t2 group’s leadership and management programmes can help managers develop, lead and motivate a high performing team with social distancing and more remote working becoming the norm.

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September 2022

Date posted: 30/09/2022

Care workers using a computer

Social care sector to receive £500m after health secretary announcement

Therese Coffey, the health secretary, revealed her "Plans for Patients" this winter, which include a new staffing strategy and a £500 million donation to the social care fund.

According to Ms. Coffey, her strategy "lays out a range of initiatives to enable the NHS and social care function at their highest levels for their patients."

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August 2022

Date posted: 18/08/2022

How apprenticeships can break down societal barriers to learning

There are so many people in the UK who share something in common, whether they are already employed, looking for their next professional challenge, or looking for their very first job. They lack the time and financial means to invest in their own education and training to broaden their skill set.

More people than ever are impacted by socioeconomic learning hurdles. The cost of life is exorbitant, so for many people, paying the weekly rent or the energy bill comes before self-improvement or empowering themselves via knowledge.

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July 2022

Date posted: 18/07/2022

What Are The Most Important Things For A Successful Career In Care

For people interested in a profession in care, there are a number of crucial factors to take into account.

This is a field that needs a lot of commitment, compassion, and the ability to put in long hours. People who are successful in this line of work frequently have a strong desire to improve the lives of others. Here are a few of the most crucial considerations for anyone wishing to have a fruitful career in healthcare.

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June 2022

Date posted: 28/06/2022

Car Manufacturing Apprentice

Do Apprenticeships hold the key to Levelling Up the UK?

The government's Levelling Up agenda aims to address glaring inequities across the country, both in terms of geography and in terms of people's social and economic origins.

With a highly educated, highly trained workforce and well-paying jobs, London and the South-East remain the wealthiest locations in the country, with many other sections of the country falling behind.

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May 2022

Date posted: 11/05/2022

Skills for Care launches happy and healthy workplaces campaign

During the months of May and June, Skills for Care will focus on helping to create happy and healthy workplaces.

Skills for Care will be providing information and ideas over the coming months to assist social care employers, managers, and teams in creating and being a part of a happy and healthy working environment.

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April 2022

Date posted: 28/04/2022

Deadline to claim apprenticeship cash incentives extended by 5 days

Employers have been given an extra five days to claim £3,000 in cash incentives for recruiting new apprentices.

Businesses will now have until Friday, May 20 to submit their claims, rather than Sunday, May 15.

The modification was made in response to customer complaints because the deadline fell on a weekend, according to the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

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March 2022

Date posted: 25/03/2022

Care England 2022 conference name badges

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid speech at Care England 2022 conference

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid, gave a speech at the conference on Wednesday 23 March 2022.

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Date posted: 04/03/2022

Mandatory Covid jabs for healthcare workers in England to be scrapped

Mandatory Covid vaccinations for health and social care workers in England will be phased out on March 15, according to Sajid Javid, who also announced that personnel will no longer be forced to get vaccinated by law.

The guidelines went into effect for care home employees in November, and they were supposed to go into effect for frontline NHS and social care workers in regulated settings on April 1st.

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February 2022

Date posted: 24/02/2022

Health and care apprenticeships on the rise in the UK

The study was conducted by marketing agency School of Marketing, who used ONS data from the years 2021-2022 to determine the most popular apprenticeships from the previous academic year.

With almost 30,400 new apprentices starting in the area last year, health, public services, and care came in second.

The figure is up significantly from the previous year, with more than 6,000 additional starts in a year's time.

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Date posted: 07/02/2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 is the 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships.

The week brings together employers and apprentices from throughout the country to highlight the good impact apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses, and the economy as a whole.

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Date posted: 01/02/2022

The Covid-19 vaccine will no longer be a condition of deployment in health or social care settings

In England, the government has performed a dramatic U-turn on required vaccinations for health and social care professionals.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed that mandated vaccines for NHS staff will not go ahead and a consultation will be held about scrapping the policy across social care.

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January 2022

Date posted: 17/01/2022

The management skills you will need in 2022

For the greatest team members and supervisors, the new world of autonomy and accountability is excellent news, but it's a wake-up call for the others.

Managers who operate in a command and control style did not fare well in the epidemic. They discovered that micromanaging individuals is difficult when you can't see or hear them. They had to develop a new set of abilities, including trusting their team members to do the right thing without having to watch their backs all day.

t2 group’s leadership and management programmes can help managers develop these new skills.

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December 2021

Date posted: 09/12/2021

Care home worker with care home resident

Government unveils ten-year vision for social care

The government has outlined a ten-year vision for social care to be funded by a 1.25% health and social care levy.

The White Paper lays out how the government plans to invest more than £1 billion over the next three years to improve the lives of those receiving care, as well as their family and caregivers.

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November 2021

Date posted: 17/11/2021

New plan for adult social care reform in England

The government has set out a new plan for reform in adult social care in England. The plan includes a lifetime cap on the amount anyone in England will need to spend on their personal care, alongside a more generous means-test for local authority financial support.

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Date posted: 04/11/2021

How Can Leaders Help Their Teams To Better Manage Stress?

Stress has both positive and negative aspects. Stress is almost unavoidable in the workplace, and it really serves to promote performance. Employees, on the other hand, may suffer long-term physical and emotional repercussions as a result of persistent high levels of stress.

t2 group’s leadership and management programmes can help leaders play a key role in managing the stress levels of their team. What can leaders be doing to alleviate stress, especially given the increasingly dispersed nature of the workforce?

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October 2021

Date posted: 01/10/2021

Care home resident with grand daughter

Three in four care home workers say staffing pressures will worsen due to mandatory vaccines

The Government has recently announced that it will now be a requirement for care staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Nearly three-quarters of care home staff approached for new research believe this will exacurbate staffing pressures in care homes.

New data from carehome.co.uk, the leading care home reviews site in the UK, also revealed that London and Northern Ireland have the highest rate of workers in care homes who hadn't received a COVID-19 vaccine.

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September 2021

Date posted: 13/09/2021

New service to help businesses offer apprenticeships

A new government service will assist businesses in establishing more apprenticeship opportunities, allowing more people to obtain the careers they desire.

Large businesses will be able to easily pledge funds to smaller businesses through a new government service, to help create and recruit for more apprenticeship opportunities.

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August 2021

Date posted: 20/08/2021

£551m extra Covid funding for health and social services

The Welsh Government has set aside £411 million for ongoing pandemic costs until April 2022, as well as £140 million for recovery and reducing waiting times.

The Minister said: “The Covid pandemic has had a massive impact on the NHS and social services in Wales and is still facing significant costs in dealing with it. I am therefore pleased to confirm an extra £411m for these costs, including the vaccination programme, testing, PPE, and new cleaning standards for infection control.

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Date posted: 13/08/2021

Social care worker with patient

Skills for Care launches three-year strategy to develop social care workforce

Skills for Care has unveiled a new three-year strategy to help build the sector's 1.5 million workforce's values and skills, promote reform, and ensure that social care is recognised as a valuable and desirable vocation by the general public.

Skills for Care CEO, Oonagh Smyth, said: “We are delighted to launch our new strategy and excited about the impact it will have on people drawing on care and support and working in social care over the next three years.

Read the full article here


Date posted: 04/08/2021

Rishi Sunak's Plan for Jobs boosted as apprenticeships hit an all-time high

Apprenticeship numbers reached an all-time high yesterday, boosting Rishi Sunak's Plan for Jobs. There are 18,950 openings for at-work training this summer, which is four times as many as this time last year.

Many bosses have taken advantage of the offer of £3,000 for every trainee they take on — unveiled in the Chancellor's spring Budget.

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July 2021

Date posted: 02/07/2021

Adult social care to be given over £250 million for protection against Covid-19

People in care homes or those being cared for at home will benefit from an extra £250 million to continue to protect them from Covid-19, the Department of Health and Social Care has announced.

Made up of £142.5 million Infection Control Funding and £108.8 million for testing, the fund will help protect people in adult social care by continuing to meet the cost of rigorous infection prevention and control measures, as restrictions in wider society are eased, and supporting rapid, regular testing of staff to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

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June 2021

Date posted: 16/06/2021

NHS key worker in the UK

Samaritans helpline for health and social care workers extended

The Samaritans is extending its helpline for frontline health and care workers in England to provide support during the pandemic.

The charity’s helplines have supported thousands of NHS and social care workers since the start of the COVID crisis last year, and now the Department of Health and Social Care has agreed to extend funding for a dedicated line until at least September 2021.

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Date posted: 01/06/2021

£100m to kick-start NHS and social care recovery from pandemic in Wales

Health and Social Services Minister Eluned Morgan has set out plans for a £100 million investment to kickstart the Welsh health and care system’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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May 2021

Date posted: 24/05/2021

New award to recognise exceptional practice in adult social care workforce

The government has launched gold and silver awards to pay tribute to the outstanding contribution made by staff working in social care in England. Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care, Professor Deborah Sturdy outlined her commitment to recognise the outstanding contribution made by nurses and care workers in adult social care in England and their enormous range of skills, expertise and compassion.

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Date posted: 14/05/2021

Skills for Health

National NHS and social care staff survey launched to identify current skills shortages and inform future workforce development

NHS and social care organisations across the UK over the last twelve months have undergone enormous change, mobilising effective workforce innovations and flexibilities at pace, to adapt and respond to unparalleled demand.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 as well as from pre-pandemic operating conditions, staff continue to face ongoing challenges. Skills for Health, the Sector Skills Council for Health have launched, the ‘Developing a Resilient Workforce Survey’ aims to identify the critical development shortages at an individual, organisational and systemic level, to support the UK government, NHS and social care leaders implement measures that will not only protect staff from pressures that pre-date the pandemic but, crucially, address the new challenges they will continue to face as a result of it.

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Date posted: 05/05/2021

Three signs that someone has great management skills

How can you tell if someone has great leadership or management skills? Should you look at the training they've received or the activities they perform? While those are the typical ways to assess managers, it's actually a poor approach to assessing management skills.

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April 2021

Date posted: 21/04/2021

How Leaders Can Adapt To The Future Of Work To Drive Inclusivity and Productivity

Inclusive team leaders and managers are more likely to incorporate best practices based on the interests of everyone on their team. More and more, diversity in the workplace has been considered to be one of the most crucial essentials to a thriving, dynamic, and productive business.

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Date posted: 15/04/2021

Disabled manager with staff members

Where are our disabled senior leaders?

Disabled people are significantly less likely to be employed as managers. According to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the UK, just over half of disabled people (52.1%) aged 16 to 64 years in the UK were employed in 2020. Around 8 in 10 (81.3%) of non-disabled people were employed during the same period.

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Date posted: 13/04/2021

How new leaders can make a positive and lasting impact

Stepping into a new leadership role can be a huge challenge for anyone, especially in today’s fast-paced business world, where expectations are high and new CEOs and executives are expected to hit the ground running. There are several areas that a new leader can focus on to quickly build authentic relationships, build goodwill and begin to deliver results.

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March 2021

Date posted: 30/03/2021

Long-term Vision and Reform Urgently Needed for Adult Social Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of social care and the need to regard it as part of the national infrastructure. Care England, stands ready to support the Government in developing a new vision for social care, that is properly funded, understood, and respected by everyone.

Read the full article here

Date posted: 23/03/2021

NHS nurse wearing protective face mask

Welsh Government publishes pandemic recovery plan for the NHS and social care

Health Minister Vaughan Gething yesterday published a plan, supported by an initial £50m funding, to help the health and care system in Wales to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Gething said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our health and social care system, patients and staff. As we emerge from the most serious stage of the pandemic, we are now in a position to set out how we can start to recover.

Read the full article here

Date posted: 17/03/2021

"It's hard to be what you can't see": Making female leaders more visible

Women leaders are hungry for inspiration and want to learn how to navigate the uneven professional playing field. The Female Lead seeks to increase the visibility of women’s success stories in all walks of life and offer girls a wider selection of role models than those represented in popular culture.

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Date posted: 11/03/2021

New five year plan focuses on inclusive Apprenticeships for Wales

"The strategy has been developed by the Welsh Government’s contracted Apprenticeship providers and aims to achieve an inclusive Apprenticeship Programme where current under-represented groups have equal opportunities to benefit," said Humie Webb.

Apprenticeships are set to play a vital role in the Welsh Government's Covid-19 economic recovery plan. In the last four years, the Welsh Government has supported more than 100,000 apprenticeship starts in its term of office – 60% were undertaken by females, while 57% were learners aged 25 and over.

Read the full article here

Date posted: 09/03/2021

Young apprenticeship in commercial factory

Spring Budget boost for Apprenticeships would be welcome, but SMEs MUST seize this opportunity now

The proposed increase in incentives to take on apprentices in England and Wales to £3,000, expected in the Budget would be very welcome. These incentives for SME businesses and sole traders to invest in a new generation of skilled workers are critical if the UK has the best possible chance to bounce back from the overwhelming impacts of COVID.

An injection of a further £126million in skills by the Chancellor would provide opportunities to breathe new life into our economy.

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Date posted: 04/03/2021

Pandemic offers recruitment opportunities for the Health and Social Care sector

As a result of COVID-19 the NHS has seen a 'huge increase in numbers' applying to both jobs and to training opportunities. Adult social care employs around 1.5 million people in England. The Health Foundation and the Institute for Fiscal Studies project that 458,000 additional full-time equivalent social care staff will be needed in England by 2033/34 to meet the expected growth in demand.

People previously in customer facing roles could be valuable assets to the sector. Anita Charlesworth, director of research and REAL centre at The Health Foundation, told MPs 'Social care needs people with those skills, but we need to train them. At the moment only 50% of our workforce has a relevant care qualification,' she said. 'So, we do need to invest in training and we need to make sure that social care is not a temporary job…'

Read the full article here

Date posted: 02/03/2021

Rishi Sunak's Budget to include measures to boost Apprenticeships for young in wake of COVID-19 pandemic

Unemployment is at its highest level in almost five years, with younger and typically lower-paid workers bearing the brunt of job losses. Mr Sunak said it was "vital" support continued to get people back into work.

The chancellor's boost to existing Apprenticeship and traineeship programmes will include playing up to double the current cash incentive to firms who take on an apprentice, regardless of age. Currently, firms in England are given £2,000 for every new Apprentice they take on under the age of 25, and £1,500 for those over 25, in addition to a £1,000 grant they are already getting under another project.

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February 2021

Date posted: 24/02/2021

Care home residents allowed visitors

Care home residents will be allowed one visitor from the 8th of March

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that care home residents will be allowed to have one indoor visitor from the 8th of March. The scheme will allow a single visitor to hold hands with their relative/friend in the care home and make repeat visits.

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Date posted: 18/02/2021

Training apprentices in business

CMI call for the Chancellor must urgently prioritise management apprenticeships

Good managers are essential to the success of any business or organisation, and management apprenticeships have become popular since the government reformed workplace training funding in 2015 by making employers with annual payrolls greater than £3m set aside an equivalent to 0.5% as an apprenticeship levy. However, as the UK government starts to plan the country’s economic recovery, the CMI analysis estimates that even pre-Pandemic there were a staggering 1.3 million employers who were not offering any apprenticeships.

Read the full article here

Date posted: 16/02/2021

Jogging as a daily exercise regime

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock on proposals for a Health and Care Bill

The Health and Social Care Secretary, with the support of NHS England and health and care system leaders, has outlined new proposals to build on the successful NHS response to the pandemic. The proposals will bring health and care services closer together to build back better by improving care and tackling health inequalities through measures to address obesity, oral health and patient choice.

Read the full article here

Date posted: 10/02/2021

National Apprenticeship Week 2021

National Apprenticeship Week 8-14 Feb 2021: Building future leaders

The theme of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is ‘Build the Future.’ While the aim is rightly to promote the benefits and long-term gains of employing young people into a variety of apprenticeships to ‘Build the Future’, it is also true that existing managers are building the future, and must continue to do so, however uncertain that future might appear right now.

If you’re part of a management team within an organisation, you’ll be responsible for building a team that can help the business meet its strategic objectives.

You’ll want to hire the right talent and particularly you’ll want to develop your existing team members to bring specific skills to bear on those objectives. Those at senior levels of an organisation have a huge amount of input and responsibility when it comes to ‘building the future’ of the organisation.

Read the full article here

January 2021

Date posted: 28/01/2021

NHS Care worker caring for patient

Over half-a-million additional care workers will be needed in England by 2035 to meet demand

When the COVID-19 tide finally turns, what will it reveal? One thing is for certain the demand for care and a workforce to satisfy it will remain. In October last year, Skills for Care estimated that over half-a-million additional care workers will be needed in England by 2035 to meet demand. Whilst the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the essential contribution made by paid carers, it also demonstrated how physically and emotionally demanding the job can be. As the dust settles, this may cause some to exit and deter others from entering the profession.

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November 2020

Date posted: 04/11/2020

New apprentice learning at home

Employers encouraged to sign up for apprentice cash boost

To get more people into work the Government are now offering employers of all sizes generous cash incentives to employ new Apprentices and to help people get back into employment. These new cash incentives are key for the economy to recover after COVID-19.

As part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs, employers are being offered £2,000 for each new Apprentice they hire aged under 25, and £1,500 for each newly recruited apprentice aged 25 and over. This includes taking on an apprentice who has been made redundant.

To find out more information on the cash incentives on offer you can visit the GOV.UK website.

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July 2020

Date posted: 08/07/2020

Chancellor expected to reveal sliding scale of employer cash incentives to boost apprenticeships

The chancellor is set to announce a sliding scale of cash incentives for employers to take on both young and adult apprentices in his summer statement today, FE Week understands.

Firms are expected to receive more for taking on under 25s. Rishi Sunak is due to provide the details this afternoon as he unveils his plan to tackle the anticipated largescale unemployment caused by Covid-19.

Under current Education and Skills Funding Agency rules, employers and providers already receive a £1,000 incentive each for taking on an apprentice aged 16 to 18.

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