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Our story


t2 group was formed in 1996 and has grown to become one of the largest providers of Apprenticeships in the UK.

Our aim is to reduce unemployment and drive economic prosperity by helping businesses innovate, grow and prosper through our training and coaching solutions.

Throughout everything we do, we aim to provide very high standards in a positive, safe and supportive culture that aspires to excellence and raises expectations through a clear and realistic strategy for planning and developing our learning programmes.

As such we will:

  • Set demanding targets throughout the organisation
  • Promote and implement national and local priorities and initiatives that are relevant to learners, employers and local communities
  • Consistently use and act on feedback from learners, employers, local Government and national Government priorities to plan and review our learning
  • Ensure we make the best use of resources to support and improve our learning programmes

To this end we have set up the t2 group structure to directly respond to the needs of Government.

Our divisions aim to create the right conditions for businesses to succeed, removing barriers that are preventing them from performing to their full potential.

All our learning programmes aim to increase economic growth, generating more money for the economy by helping our clients grow through our services leading to the creation of more jobs and a better quality of life for all.

Guiding principles


Pre-eminence is the desire to be the best. It is the relentless effort for excellence in everything we do. It is always aiming beyond what is comfortable and what we believe we can achieve. It is realising that the excellence of our organisation is the sum of individual excellence and that individual excellence comes from how well we do every small or large task daily. Everything everyone does has either a positive or a negative impact on the bigger picture and everybody’s future. Pre-eminence is measured and demonstrated by outstanding results.


Ownership is everyone owning and being honest about the current situation and being proactive about changing it. If everyone takes responsibility for his or her part in every situation then nobody needs to be blamed. Ownership is about looking at, owning and being accountable for the results. It is knowing exactly where you are, exactly where you are going and exactly how you are going to get there. It is looking at the right results in enough detail to identify the main problems that are having the biggest impact on the current situation. It is knowing that when we try to deny or avoid problems, they get bigger and we have to face them eventually. Ownership is admitting that if we want different results, we need to change our approach.


Tenacity is doing whatever it takes to get the result. It is replacing a list of excuses with an action plan and making it happen. It is doing it now. It is asking ‘how can we do it’ not ‘can we do it’. It is being aware of and accepting the things we cannot change and working on the things we can. It is using all our resources to develop creative solutions to our most important challenges using granular level detail. It is not reacting with panic when things go wrong and instead, responding intelligently to situations. It is knowing that if a solution does not get the desired result, the next step is to try something else until we get the outcome we want. It is seeing challenges and setbacks purely as learning and an essential part of the path to excellence. Tenacity means challenging and overcoming our self-limiting beliefs of what is possible.


Efficiency is doing things better and quicker, with less resource. It is working smarter. It is using systems and technology to save time and effort. It is making things easier not harder; simpler not more complicated. It is being aware of where we spend our time. It is being aware of what specifically has the greatest contribution to our results and doing more of it. It is also being aware of what specifically has the smallest contribution to our results and doing less of it. It is knowing that the longer each of us takes with our part of the process, the longer everything takes to the ultimate detriment of our learners. It is knowing, owning and continuously challenging our processes to create better and more consistent results.


Inclusivity is including and fully engaging all our learners regardless of background, motivation or skill level. It is letting go of any judgments about learners and seeing them for their potential. It is helping them define their idea of success, ensuring they have a voice and a plan and ensuring we give them everything they need to achieve it. It is knowing that an individual engages in a programme of one to one support because they cannot do it by themselves. Therefore, when they struggle, we expect it; we know that this is why we are here, and we are ready to change our approach to guarantee their success. We see challenging learners as an opportunity to develop our skills and become better Personal Development Managers and Coaches. We know that when our most challenging learners succeed, it provides us with the greatest personal reward. We know that successfully engaging challenging learners ultimately has the biggest impact on the economy and therefore provides the best value for money for the public funding we are responsible for.


Value is the perceived worth of our service to each of our learners and employers. Learners and employers will engage fully with a programme when they feel the perceived value is greater than the perceived cost. Learners and employers will disengage and leave their programme when they feel the perceived value is less than their perceived cost. Value is unique to everyone. We create value by eliciting, understanding and meeting learner and employer needs. We understand that clients change so we continually check that we are meeting their changing needs. Ultimately, we create value for our clients by helping them define success and making it happen. Value does not just come from our core service but everything we do and every contact we have with our clients. We understand that unless we demonstrate enthusiasm, importance, commitment and a sense of urgency to our clients and their programme, we cannot expect them to.

Our mission and brand promise

  • Our mission is simply to 'close the gap between performance and potential' and our brand promise is to 'get you where you want to be'.

Our values

  • Understanding what we do and why
  • Doing whatever it takes to get it done
  • Keeping it simple not complex
  • Growing people with the business
  • Celebrating success

Case studies


We work with a range of small, large and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

Click a link below to see one of our latest employer case studies.


Sue Ryder
New Cross Healthcare
Apollo Home Healthcare
Bluebird Cafe
Guide Dogs
NHS Blackcountry Partnership
SES Water
Tempur Matresses

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We provide a personal service to every client to ensure our programmes meet their needs.

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