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Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd


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Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd is a well-known industry leader in heating and hot water products, with almost 5,300 UK and Ireland employees across 9 countries. They offer a broad range of products for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, including well known and reputable brands such as Worcester and Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating.

Bosch Thermotechnology
case study

Organisational challenge


Bosch were keen to utilise their Apprenticeship Levy and continue their commitment to developing the skills of their managers. They specifically wanted a provider who could deliver one-to-one coaching, with Coaches being flexible enough for their learners, providing a supportive network when they needed them. They didn’t want a “one size fits all” training programme that took no account of the skills of their staff, but a programme that took account of each learner's individual needs, and coaching delivery that suited each person’s specific job role.

Bosch had worked with training companies in the past and found that they were not always able to provide the detailed information their managers wanted to see on each of their staff or to identify where learners may be struggling and need extra support.

Our solution


Since May 2018, Acumen Coaching has delivered the Executive Acumen Programme (Level 5 Departmental/Operational Manager Apprenticeship Standard) to Bosch.

As part of Bosch’s selection process, they conducted rigorous checks on Acumen Coaching’s internal and external quality and audit processes, to thoroughly examine how we worked and satisfy themselves that our Ofsted inspection met their requirements.

Acumen provided a dedicated Account Director and dedicated Leadership and Management Coaches who gained an understanding of their business and each individual manager’s precise needs.

The result


“The Executive Acumen programme offers a high degree of flexibility for our learners which is ideal for our business, especially as we have associates at multiple sites and out in the field. The Acumen Coaches work hard to make sure that the learning and support they provide fits around our learner's roles.

Pat (our dedicated Acumen Coach) has been very professional and helpful to our learners, she has also made sure to keep in contact with myself in HR to keep us up to date and all of our learners' progress. It’s good for our managers to understand the theory and look deeper into ‘the WHY’ behind what they do”.


Rachel, HR Manager of Bosch

“I was more than interested in joining this course when I was first approached two months ago, as I wanted to further my knowledge and understanding in management and leadership. Due to my current position as Commercial Service Manager, I thought I would already have a good understanding of the course content, it transpired that my understanding was not as comprehensive as I initially thought. Knowing the basics is the easy part but understanding the ‘why’ can be more challenging but it's where positive change begins. I have already started using different planning models and analytic techniques with my team, something I would not have been confident in doing prior to undertaking this course.

I have already recommended this course to other managers within our business as I feel the course content is knowledge every manager should have. It can feel like a massive mountain to climb when you first start this course, but once you understand the processes and expectation, it soon becomes enjoyable. There is continuous support from your Coach in the form of phone conversations and face to face meetings to ensure you are understanding all of the course content and that you are breaking the course down into bite size bits to avoid unwanted stress. Much like any qualification, you get out of it, what you put in”.


Steven, Commercial Service Manager

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