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Struggling with your mental health?

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At t2 we have dedicated mental health first aiders. Feel free to contact anyone if you need a confidential chat about anything you are concerned with.





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If you feel you need to speak to someone now, please click here.

What is mental health?


Everyone has mental health in the same way that everyone has physical health, and just like physical health whether it is good or poor can change over time. Mental health can also be referred to as 'emotional health' and is often included when we talk about our well-being in general. When we are in good mental health we find it easier to cope with life and the challenges it can bring, whether that is at home, work or school. It can affect relationships with family and friends and our outlook on life and what we want to achieve.

As we move through life our circumstances change. We may experience setbacks or traumatic events which can effect people in different ways and how we react to or 'bounce back' from these can vary – an event that one person may take in their stride may take someone else a long time to recover from emotionally.

Useful links



NHS - How to recognise if stress is affecting your life

Mind - How to manage stress

Helpguide.org - Stress Management


Mind - What is Depression?

Youngminds - What is depression and what are the symptoms?

Rethink - An overview of Depression

Mental Health UK - Treatments for Depression

Survivor of abuse

Napac - Supporting recovery from childhood abuse

Supportline - Support for survivors of abuse

NHS - Help after rape and sexual assault

Mind - Guide to support options for abuse

Support for Survivors - Peer-led community support for male and female survivors of abuse


Supporting people with their mental health

Mental health toolkit

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If you have any questions or require any help please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at t2 group. Simply complete the following form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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