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Who we are

Formed in 1996, t2 group have grown to become one of the largest training and coaching organisations in the UK.

We currently employ over 350 people and help on average 10,000 learners each year either gain sustainable employment with training or develop their skills on the job.

Our brand promise is

To get you where you want to be

Our mission is

To close the gap between performance and potential

Our values are

  • We always get the job done
  • We always look ahead & make sure we’re organised
  • We always make it easy to do business with us
  • We always go beyond what our customers need
  • We have the utmost respect for the people we work with
  • We always take ownership and if no one else owns it we will

Throughout everything we do, we aim to provide very high standards in a positive and supportive culture that aspires to excellence and raises expectations through a clear and realistic strategy for planning and developing our learning programmes.

As such we:

  • Set demanding targets throughout the organisation
  • Promote and implement national and local priorities and initiatives that are relevant to learners, employers and local communities
  • Consistently use and act on feedback from learners, employers and local and national government priorities to plan and review our learning
  • Ensure we make the best use of resources to support and improve our learning programmes.

Our divisions aim to create the right conditions for businesses to succeed, removing barriers that are preventing them from performing to their full potential.

All our learning programmes aim to increase economic growth, generating more money for the economy by helping our clients grow through our services leading to the creation of more jobs and a better quality of life for all.


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